An Overview of Bioresonance Therapy


It was in Germany in the year 1977 when bioresonance therapy was introduced. These days, it is used the world over in no less than 55 countries. Part of the therapy’s increasing popularity is the invention of bioresonance devices which are also used globally.

There are many ailments Bioresonance Treatment has been found to treat effectively, such as allergies, chemical and metal toxicity, skin problems, and even food, alcohol, and drug addiction.

Science and technology has come up with various findings and resulting innovations which are currently applied in the medical profession.

In these advanced times, speaking to someone halfway across the world is easily possible through computers and telephones, and so is watching videos and images on computers and TV. These rapid technological developments are also evident in many other areas of day to day life.

Some of such remarkable developments are products of results obtained from research in the fields of quantum physics and biophysical and quantum mechanics. An example is bioresonance therapy.

Based on Albert Einstein’s principle, the relationship of matter and energy can be expressed through the formula, E=MC2. Any type of matter is made up of energy and also emits it. This tells us that energy is also emitted by each and every cell and each and every substance in the body. This most certainly includes viruses, bacteria and all other microorganisms, biochemicals, and practically everything else that is found inside our vessel. The energy they emit is at a particular wavelength or frequency that is individual to them. This is what you call “frequency pattern.”

When learning on How to treat allergies naturally, know that cells are always communicating with each other, and this is the way they form frequency pattern. This world of ours is driven by communication and information today. Our bodies function and regulate themselves through communication among the different cells inside of us. This cell communication happens through “flashes of light” and at specific frequencies. A healthy body has cells that can communicate with other cells unhindered. However, some factors regularly associated with psychological or physical stress, may cause obstructions in the otherwise open channels of cellular communication.

These factors can really be anything, from infections to chemical toxicity to allergic reactions and any other substance or situation that makes the cells respond adversely, hence causing a disruption in the cells’ ability to communicate. As a result, a person develops health problems which are usually chronic yet unexplained. When normal cell interaction is disturbed, the cells become incapable or less capable of doing what they’re supposed to do. This even can reveal itself through an array of symptoms, like irregular bowel, chronic fatigue, unexplained allergic reactions and more.

If you’ve had to deal with any condition that is related to what has been mentioned above, and you’ve also tried looking for remedies and nothing has worked, maybe you can try bioresonance therapy for a change. It would be great to talk to your doctor about the possibility.

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